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“Breathing is the first act of life, and the last”

Joseph H. Pilates

Despite the Medieval name, Reformer is a very smart and elegant apparatus. Joseph H. Pilates called it “Apparatus”. It is a wooden bed with frame. A flat platform is moving

on the frame forth and back. We can train the whole-body using loops for hands and feet and a gear bar system with springs as resistance.

Varvara Solomonidou

Pilates Instructor

Varvara Solomonidou, Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, founded ATHENSTRAINERS® & the “ATHENSTRAINERS® ULTIMATE PILATES SYSTEM®”.

Grigoris Dogas


Grigoris Dogas graduated from the College of Sports Science in 2003 with specialty in Strength Training & Sports Pedagogy.

All About Reformer in numbers









Pilates Reformer

The exercises may be easy, basic to advanced, very difficult to acrobatic. It depends on the pilates trainer’s education, experience and “fantasy” to work on variations and modifications. It is the most popular pilates apparatus. It improves general strength, alignment, balance, coordination, proprioception and core strength. They all promote a better daily life or in other words quality of life. Specifically, there are benefits on body posture and body efficiency. Pains associated with muscular/physical imbalances are relieved. There is also the advantage of full range of motion while executing exercises. The result is the improvement of flexibility while building strength and “strong bones”.

We must notice that eccentric muscle contractions that take place when training on the reformer. Muscles lengthen as they resist a force. This is WHY PILATES IS SO UNIQUE…long muscles, slim body without bulk.

Using less of the body on the carriage, we can make the exercise more difficult. On the other hand, the less springs we use, the more we have to involve the core for controlling the movement.

There are a lot of types/styles and reformer manufacturers. Some of them are made of wood and others of metal. Some have legs and others rest near to the floor. Classical reformers have leather straps and new/modern ones have ropes and risers.

Pilates All About Reformer Educational Seminar (Studio I)

The repertoire includes: Footwork, Hundred, Leg circles, Frog, Stomach Massage, Short Box Series, Elephant, Knee Stretches, Running, Pelvic Lift, Arms Supine Series, Arms Rowing Series, Seated Long Box Series & Roll Down Series. There are 32 exercises and more than 50 variations.

Seminar duration

36 hours
4 days

Training material

The student receives a folder with informative material, pen, block and Reformer (Studio I) manual with photos.

Seminar requirements

Pilates Mat Level I or Level II Certification.

After education requirements

20 hours of course attendance
30 hours of personal practice
30 hours of teaching

Exams & Certification


The exams include: a written test, a practical test and a task. In order to get ready for the exams, you have to fill the “After Education” card and sent it to info@athenstrainers.gr. Soon after the exams success you will receive the AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System® Reformer (STUDIO I) Certificate of Attendance. Automatically student’s names are listed on our website as a Pilates Teacher / Instructor capable of teaching Reformer (STUDIO I).

In case of exam failure, the student has the right to reexamined 3 times within three months. Each time costs 20 euros.



Along with the Certificate of Attendance, the Pilates Teacher/Instructor receives an e-mail with the AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System® logo. The logo can be used to describe a lesson at the gym that works or owns, or in promotional t-shirts, rollups, or banners that accompany his/her Pilates lessons.

Social Media


In our Website www.athenstrainers.gr, www.ultimatepilatessystem.gr, www.ultimatepilatesofgreece.gr, www.athenstrainersultimatepilatessystem.gr there are links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube Account. We will be happy to receive your request or LIKE to the corresponding group and page, post pictures and videos related to the AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System® with the appropriate hashtags.

Sugested bibliography

Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais- Germain
Return to Life Through Contrology by Joseph H. Pilates
Pilates Reformer by Ellie Herman
Pilates by Rael Isacowitz

Pilates Instructors’ Discounts

There will be a 20% discount in all AthensTrainers® educational products (DVD's, Educational Manuals, T-shirts, etc.) along with your registration to a seminar.