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“Change happens through movement and movement heals”

Joseph H. Pilates

The ‘wunda’ part of the wunda chair comes from the word ‘wonder’, and it can certainly do wonders for you. The Wunda Chair was originally designed by Joseph H. Pilates for his trainees, who wanted a home use apparatus.

Exercises are executed from a lying, sitting, and standing position on the chair, as well as from positions to the sides of the chair. The program aims in improving stability and flexibility.

Varvara Solomonidou

Pilates Instructor

Varvara Solomonidou, Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, founded ATHENSTRAINERS® & the “ATHENSTRAINERS® ULTIMATE PILATES SYSTEM®”.

Wunda Chair

The original Wunda Chair could be turned over and become an actual chair that one could sit in. It has the look of a fine furniture. A customized program was designed for the trainee by Joseph.

  • The High Chair or High Combination Chair or Electric Chair, named because of its medieval looks. It is similar to the Wunda Chair. It has a tall back support, adjustable handles on the sides, traditional or split pedal, seat height adjusters It uses the heaviest springs of all of the apparatus.
  • The Arm Chair or Baby Chair: It tilts forward and backward and has also springs on the back. The springs are up by the shoulders, without pedal. It uses the lightest springs of all of the apparatus. The Arm Chair is used by trainees with upper body issues. It is also ideal for someone who needs to restore proper balance, alignment and strength.
  • Exo Chair: It is quite new, with special hooks to adjust slastixs for functional training
  • MVe: It is metal, light and easy to transfer and store. Ideal for group training classes at gyms.

Why should someone attend a Wunda Chair Certification?

  • To strengthen the lower back
  • To strengthen the abdominals and the core
  • To align the spine
  • To strengthen the glutes and the legs
  • To improve pelvis stability
  • To aim in fast rehabilitation after injuries

The Training Manual includes the first 19 exercises executed on the Wunda Chair, each one with modifications and variations. Special attention is given to Breathing, Body posture, Control and Concentration when performing the whole routine.

Training material

The student receives a folder with informative material, pen, block and Wunda Chair manual with photos.

Seminar requirements

Mat Level I or Level II Certification or Reformer (Studio I)

After education requirements

10 observation hours
10 hours of personal practice
10 hours of teaching

Exams & Certification


The exams include: a written test, a practical test and a task. In order to get ready for the exams, you have to fill the “After Education” card and sent it to info@athenstrainers.gr. Soon after the exams success you will receive the AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System® Wunda Chair Certificate of Attendance. Automatically student’s names are listed on our website as a Pilates Teacher / Instructor capable of teaching Wunda Chair.

In case of exam failure, the student has the right to reexamined 3 times within three months. Each time costs 20 euros.



Along with the Certificate of Attendance, the Pilates Teacher/Instructor receives an e-mail with the AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System® logo. The logo can be used to describe a lesson at the gym that works or owns, or in promotional t-shirts, rollups, or banners that accompany his/her Pilates lessons.

Social Media


In our Website www.athenstrainers.gr, www.ultimatepilatessystem.gr, www.ultimatepilatesofgreece.gr, www.athenstrainersultimatepilatessystem.gr there are links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube Account. We will be happy to receive your request or LIKE to the corresponding group and page, post pictures and videos related to the AthensTrainers® Ultimate Pilates System® with the appropriate hashtags.

Suggested bibliography

Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais- Germain
Return to Life Through Contrology

Pilates Instructors’ Discounts

There will be a 20% discount in all AthensTrainers® educational products (DVD's, Educational Manuals, T-shirts, etc.) along with your registration to a seminar.